Quality Assurance

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients, supported by dedicated employees committed to 100% client satisfaction. Our clients benefit because we provide a broad range of debt collection services more effectively and economically than they could on their own. Becker, Rodman & Associates realizes that we’re measured by our results. We know our reputation is at stake. Becker, Rodman assures our clients are provided a quality recovery environment in which the goal is to collect debts as quickly and effectively as possible while preserving the goodwill and dignity of debtors.

  • Becker, Rodman & Associates does not, under any circumstances, use threats, intimidation or harassment of debtors in the collection of client accounts.
  • We train our collectors to be aware of the laws regulating commercial collections and any changes that could effect collecting your accounts.
  • We self-regulate our performance by monitoring collection personnel during their telephone calls.

The collection managers and training personnel who monitor calls provide feedback on collection practices to help collectors improve their skills.