Company Overview

Becker, Rodman & Associates understands that before any solution may be proposed, it must first evaluate all your needs and be fully focused on the objectives of your accounts receivable program.  Once we have a full understanding of all issues, we will recommend a solution.

As an extension of your accounts receivable function, Becker, Rodman & Associates offers unlimited options, which include customized collection. Our commercial collection team is highly competent at adapting collection techniques to fit the personality of the businesses we service. We use a variety of tactics and strategies to pursue debts, based on your request and our assessment of what is most likely to succeed. We are extremely aggressive in pursuit of the obligations, yet we recognize an aggressive communication style is not always most effective in collecting and preserving client-customer relationships.

With Becker, Rodman & Associates you receive:

  •  Professional and expert collection services at reasonable rates.
  •  Flexible transmission capabilities.
  •  Protection through a Hold-Harmless Agreement against any legal consequences that could arise as a result of collection activities.
  • Access to additional collection services such as Liens, Attorney Referral, Financial Investigation Reports, Legal Forwarding, A/R Management Review, etc.

We are dedicated to making the collection process as easy and effective for your organization as possible. We have experienced staff, comprehensive systems and solution-driven technology.  We are innovative, flexible and capable.  Our commitment to our clients ensures consistency of performance, security, responsibility, and the highest ethical standards.